Exams at the end of the academic session is a testimony to what the students have learned throughout the year. The mere thought of Board exams comes with its own share of anxiety, uneasiness, tension, exam stress. What is needed by the students is the understanding how to overcome these factors and how to successfully prepare for them.

Don’t let the above factors impact your exam performance. Boost your prepa-ration and fly high with your confidence. Ensure smooth performance by adopting following methods:

Goal setting: Studying for long hours isn’t necessarily the best mantra. Our brain has the tendency to lose focus and steam in less than an hour of continuous studying. While for preparing for your Board exams, set short goals to yield long term results. For instance, pick up a topic and set a short time frame to cover the topic of let’s say 30 minutes. Complete the topic, take a stretching break and then move on to the next topic/goal.

Time Management: Strategizing the exam preparation is the key point to attain excellent scores in CBSE Term 2 exams. Ensure that you prepare the correct way by starting with making a time table. Planning your study in advance is required to know how much syllabus is needed to be covered. A well planned schedule will ensure that the important elements fit into the available time period.

Light exercise: The easiest way to release the tension or any sort of discomfort while studying is to do light exercise. This may include slow breathing, stretching, walking, playing light games. These activities calm your mind and keep you fresh and relaxed.

Take short breaks: It is extremely important to take breaks in between your study hours. Not only will it keep you relaxed and alert, it’ll help you sleep better. It’s a know fact that spending time outdoors lowers the stress levels even if it for just five minutes.

Reduce distractions: Social media these days is a necessary evil. But, do social media fasting dur-ing exam days. Research has shown that being active on networking sites may make you feel stressed or experience ‘FOMO’ (Fear Of Missing Out). Avoid-ing social media even for a few hours a day will assist you to focus on your goals and prevent you from getting lost in the trending posts. Have a digital detox and you’ll be sure to have a positive study session!

Healthy diet: Take your meals on time as hunger is one of the biggest distractions. Choose your snacks/meals according to the impact they would leave on you, not ac-cording to the taste. If you are feeling burdened while mugging and revising your syllabus, taking food and drinks that are high in sugar or caffeine will on-ly enhance your stress. Instead, make sure you are eating healthy food. This will help you stay calm and help in boosting your brainpower. Don’t eat it heavy meals. Take short meals after regular intervals.